Style by Jury is a makeover series that focuses on making the best first impression possible. Over the course of seven days, our makeover candidates get transformed from the inside out.



Upcoming showtimes

  1. S7 Eps #148 Cruise Him or Lose Him (Brenda)

    Sun, Jan 22
    5:30pm EST

  2. S5 Episode #091 Elvis Has Left the Building (Janice)

    Mon, Jan 23
    4:00am EST

  3. S5 Episode #092 Let the Son Shine In (Steve)

    Mon, Jan 23
    4:30am EST

  4. S5 Episode #093 Pulling Teeth (Laura)

    Mon, Jan 23
    5:00am EST

  5. S5 Episode #094 Highschool Reunion (Natalie)

    Mon, Jan 23
    5:30am EST

  6. S7 Eps #149 Buffy The Dog Groomer (Buffy)

    Mon, Jan 23
    7:00am EST

  7. S7 Eps #150 Family Matters (Joey)

    Mon, Jan 23
    7:30am EST